Pink Up Your Bedroom With These Gorgeous Ideas

Do you love the color pink? What better way to show your love for all things pink than to have a pink bedroom? We understand that an all pink bedroom may be too extreme for some, so we came up with ways to feature your go-to hue in more subdued ways.

Pastel Heaven

As long as you stick to subtle tones you can literally decorate the whole room in the same hue. Welcome to pastel pink heaven! You might have second doubts if this is a bedroom in your family home, but don’t worry, men can fall in love with this color as well.

A Hint Of Pink

You can always get a pink bedroom that features classic tones such as black and white. This way, you tone down the appearance of the room and have the chance to feature your favorite combos.

Bold Interiors

Mixing another bold hue can be very helpful. Take this dramatic dark turquoise as an example. It really makes the pink pop!

It’s All About The Details

If you are not ready to paint the walls pink or get a pink bed, you can still find ways to include this color in the bedroom decor. Start with details such as the curtains, decorations, details. Even the covers should do the job.