People Are Transforming Their Balconies Into Paradise Havens

While most of us are still in self-isolation, not all of us are lucky enough to have gardens. As the weather brightens up, it can be more frustrating than ever having to stay inside.

The lockdown situation has inspired many DIY creatives to transform their cramped balcony space into a paradise haven. Here’s a look at some of the most inspired transformations on Instagram.

From Retro to Chic

This Instagrammer traded in their bland red balcony wall for a rustic wooden fence. The 80s-style chairs got upgraded to a stylish sofa and the result is fabulous.

From Bare to Bohemian

This spacious balcony was left unused until these DIY stars took the opportunity to transform their bare space into a bohemian paradise.

Urban Jungle

Transforming your balcony does not necessarily mean splashing out on lavish furniture. Inject life into your space by filling it with pot plants.

Green Oasis

This balcony was just an empty space before the owners decided to transform it into a green oasis. The green turf combined with the stylish modern outdoor sofa gives us major vacation feels.

Cozy Garden Space

Adding a splash of color to your outdoor area is a great way to add positive vibes to your space. The brightly-colored pot plants and stylish wooden furniture add a homely charm to this balcony.