People Are Not Sure if This Fenty Model Is Real Or Fake

Image via shudu.gram/Instagram

With all the different filters we see on Instagram, it becomes hard to tell what’s real anymore. Instagram model Shudu is a great example of this. The girl shows flawless dark skin on the photos, that it looks almost impossible to be real.

London-based photographer Cameron-James Wilson explained what’s going on. Shudu is, in fact, 100% CGI – not real at all.

“Basically Shudu is my creation, she’s the art piece that I am working on at the moment. She is not a real model, unfortunately, but she represents a lot of the real models of today. There’s a big kind of movement with dark skin models, so she represents them and is inspired by them.”

“I use a 3D modeling program,“ Wilson continued. ”It’s like virtual photography, so once I create her, I can kind of pose her in certain ways. I am a photographer anyway, so it’s just a way of exploring my creativity when I’m not shooting.”