One-Ingredient Ice Cream You Can Combine With Various Add-Ons

Photo by Pille-Riin Priske on Unsplash

You may not know, but you probably already have the only ingredient you need for creamy, healthy ice cream in your kitchen. All you need is a blender and some frozen bananas and you’re good to go!

Blended frozen bananas are vegan, healthy, and perfectly creamy. This is a perfect alternative to regular ice cream and delicious in its own way. Bananas contain more sugar than water so they won’t break up into slush when blended. They will achieve the amazing creamy consistency that resembles dairy ice cream so you won’t feel like you’re denying yourself anything. This is a perfect treat for when you’re on a diet, when you can’t eat dairy, or when you have nothing sweet but bananas at home and want to make a quick dessert.

The best thing about this ice cream is that it’s neutral in taste, which means you can combine it with many different things. Some of the ideas include other frozen fruit, chocolate chips, nut butter, cinnamon, caramel, etc. We’re sure you’ll quickly discover new tastes that will sweeten up the summer nights ahead of you.