This NYC Bakery is Putting Jiggly Cheesecakes on the Map

Cheesecakes are one of those desserts that usually follow a familiar formula, but that’s not stopping passionate foodies from presenting it in a new light.

The New York-based bakery Keki Modern Cakes reinvented this dessert and put jiggly cheesecakes on the map. When owner Moul Kim came up with the idea to start serving the dessert in NYC, he was inspired by his travels to Japan, which left him nostalgic for their delicious desserts.

Keki’s bouncy cheesecakes were born and won New Yorkers over with their light and silky texture that simply melts in your mouth. The bakery reinvented the original recipe by using Amish cream cheese and mascarpone, making the base creamier and richer than ever before.

The Bouncy cheesecakes quickly became a huge hit, but this is not the only innovative dessert they have in store. Keki Modern Cakes serves a wide range of other sweet treats, including jiggly sponge cakes, fancy cheesecakes, and cream puffs.