Now’s s the Time to Be a Digital Nomad

According to Mike and Oshin from “Hobo with a Laptop”, if there’s one thing that the pandemic has taught us is the importance of seizing the moment. “Seize the opportunity to plan for life after lockdown, and piece together everything you need to embrace a digital nomad lifestyle when the smoke clears,” they write on their online platform.

Their brand, that includes a blog, an Instagram page, online resources, and naturally, merch, is a resource for people who want to learn how to make money online from anywhere in the world—with the option to travel, full-time—a lifestyle commonly called “Digital Nomadism”.

Sharing itineraries, trip research, packing lists, travel hacks, and personal observations, the couple does the legwork so you can find the most suitable place to situate yourself and safely travel on your own, with little to no trouble. While Mike is currently in his 8th year of living abroad in Asia, his wife, Oshin, took the corporate life out for a spin for several years before figuring out there was more to life than a buck fifty per hour and zero job security in the Philippines.

Their lifestyle indeed looks ideal, but their writing is also very practical, providing you with the actual know-how of living a life on the road. Online guides include “Living Well Under $1,500”, “Networking Tips”, and even “Coping with Criticism”.

“There’s more to be a digital nomad than meets the eye,” they admit, “Follow along with us as we walk you through how to make a reliable online income as a freelancer, make money with a blog, expand on popular digital nomad destinations, offer up our best travel hacks, and even help you get started with cryptocurrency.”

Take note!