Nail Artist Jenny Bui Is The Mastermind Behind Cardi B’s Nails

Rapper and artist Cardi B is known for a lot of things, and one of them is surely her over-the-top, crazy nail styles. Her glamorous nails have become an iconic part of who Cardi B is – just like Ariana Grande’s ponytail or Billie Eilish’s green roots.

The secret has been revealed and we can finally get our nails done just like Cardi. All you have to do is head out to the Bronx, New York and set up an appointment with nail artist Jenny Bui.

The native Cambodian nail artist has been named “Queen Of Bling” for a reason. Jenny’s salon is covered floor to ceiling in shimmering crystals. 

When Jenny first met the hit artist, she was a dancer at a local strip club. Today, she is a chart-topping rapper with 59.3 million followers on Instagram. Despite Cardi’s insane rise to fame, she has remained loyal to Jenny.

“No matter how much money I make, no matter where I am in my life, I will always do my nails like this,” Cardi B once said in an Instagram video. Now those are some words to live by!