“Money Heist” Pencil Bun Became a Viral Hit. Here’s How to Make It

TikTok is currently the place where new trends are born before they spread onto other social media platforms. We found the latest trendy hairstyle on Instagram and tracked it back to TikTok and the show that inspired it: Money Heist, a.k.a. La Casa de Papel. We’re talking about pencil bun, a hairstyle that inspired many to recreate it as a kind of a challenge.

The popular scene from Money Heist shows a character named Raquel creating a bun hairstyle with a pencil as she’s getting ready to talk to the Professor. As we learned on Twitter, the actress did this move on the audition and the casting crew loved it so much they decided to put it into the show.

There are many ways to make a pencil bun and you don’t even need a pencil to do it. Many girls are using chopsticks or other similarly shaped things to do it. It can come in handy when you don’t have a hair tie on hand, plus it looks so much fun!