Mohinders: The Hip Handmade Summer Shoe

This unique shoe brand boasts beautifully handcrafted shoes made in Mumbai India. Each shoe is carefully strewn by hand, giving them the utmost attention. They reveal a tremendous amount of effort and precision to perfect one design. Mohinders works with 3rd and 4th generation shoemakers and leather tanners. That being said, their shoes are made from high-quality leather to create shoes that last.

Heirloom Shoes

The company strives to keep the tradition of leather shoemaking alive while exerting the least amount of environmental impact. Their shoes are tanned and made with water buffalo leather. Their dyes are also natural and they use a limited amount of synthetics and more biodegradable materials.

For Men and Women

Their slides and sandals are perfect for both men and women alike. Men can pair the slides with pants and sandals with a bright pair of shorts. Women can sport these handcrafted shoes in dresses and even shorts! They’re perfect for summer days and they’ll definitely be your go-to summer shoe.