Mochi: The Japanese Dessert Treat of Your Dreams

Japanese desserts are famous for their simplicity and their use of local ingredients. We’re huge fans of mochi, a Japenese rice cake that’s filled with yummy treats like adzuki beans, green bean paste, and sometimes even ice cream! The little round rice balls are filled with a paste and they look cute and squishy enough to eat.

They’re packed with Vitamins A, C, E, and K so they won’t hurt your diet plan and they’re also low in calories. Check out this cute dessert treat that’ll replace your Ben and Jerry’s cravings.

Cute Designs

Mochi is a flexible dessert that can be molded into absolutely any kind of design. From cute pandas to tiny bunny rabbits. They make great desserts to bring home to your family and friends. It would surely brighten up their days if you were to bring home panda-shaped mochi desserts!

How to Eat It

There are two ways to consume mochi. First, by grabbing the mochi and cutting it evenly in half so you have two parts. Or simply by biting into it and you’ll finish it in 2-3 bites.