Mismatched Manicures Are the Most Carefree Nail Art Trend of the Year

Image via kyliejenner/Instagram

Trying all the amazing nail art trends that 2020 has in store sounds like a mission impossible—unless you try them all at once. Luckily for you, mismatched manicures are all the rage this summer, and they’re perfect for anyone who can’t commit to a single design.

Like many other trends in the nail art world, this one was popularized by Kylie Jenner. Back in July, she posted the photo of a colorful manicure featuring squiggles, dots, eyes, and animal print—another viral look created by her go-to nail artist Chaun Legend.


Many nail art enthusiasts decided to recreate Jenner’s exact look, but this trend eventually took a life of its own. Wearing different designs on each nail became extremely popular, especially with people who love colorful manicures and struggle picking a single nail design.

Just like rainbow nails, this trend has enormous DIY potential and you don’t have to be an expert to pull it off. Just get creative with your nail polishes, and decorate each of your nails with colorful, tiny drawings that perfectly reflect your personality.