Micro-Weddings are Super Popular Right Now—Here’s How to Plan One

Photo by Arshad Pooloo on Unsplash

A wedding is supposed to be one of the most important days of your life and with COVID-19, many brides have had to put their dream weddings on hold. While some brides are postponing their weddings, others are having more intimate micro-weddings with just their closest friends and family. If you’re considering having a micro-wedding, here’s how to plan one.

Make a Guest List and Send Out Invites

For any wedding, making a guest list is one of the hardest parts and when you’re limiting your invite list, it’s even more stressful. Set some guidelines as to who to invite and it will help you narrow down the list. In regards to the invites, send them out two to three months before your wedding.

Set a Budget

Even though micro-weddings are smaller and cheaper than regular weddings, it doesn’t mean that they have to be budget ones. With fewer guests, you can spend more on flowers, decorations, and a band.

Plan Early

Reach out to vendors as soon as possible and make sure there are cancelation causes in case you have to reschedule due to the pandemic. You can start planning the specifics about a month before your wedding when the RSVPs are in.

Add a Tech Element

While you won’t be able to invite everyone you want to, the next best thing is live steaming the ceremony. It allows more of your family and friends to be a part of your special day.