Maximalist Interior Design: When More is More

Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash

We’re officially done with minimalistic interior design. It’s been in style for a few years but apparently people don’t want empty homes in few basic colors anymore; they want colorful, warm homes with plenty of personal details. If you never found minimalism to suit you, perhaps you’ll enjoy maximalism more.


Don’t be shy with the colors. Decorate your home with plenty of artwork and display all the books you have on the shelves. If that’s not enough, throw a few blankets and pillows on the couch or even get colorful curtains.


You really can’t go wrong as long as you’re following your instincts. Your home should be the place that shows your taste and character. Our only suggestion would be to avoid cluttering the space, as it can lead to feeling anxious in your home. Instead, focus on the items that have a practical use and wall art that doesn’t take up additional space.

Mix Up Styles

Don’t focus on just one style but mix old items with new, modern with vintage, mix different materials – make it truly your own and make it comfortable.

Display Books

If you’ve been hiding a part of your library in boxes so far, it’s time to take them all out and proudly display them on tall shelves, on side tables, on wall shelves, and pretty much anywhere you want.