Mauve Hair is Your New Color Crush

Photo by Lina Bentanch on Unsplash

Experimenting with hair color is one of the most fun ways to change up your look, especially if you get bored easily. The best part of dying your hair semi- or demi-permanent, bright, unnatural colors is that they wash out rather quickly, so you can switch it up all the time without feeling over-committed to any one color.

That being said, this is one color you may want to keep for a while. That’s right, mauve hair is drop-dead gorgeous, especially for fall and winter. The dusty pinkish purplish shade is flattering on most skin tones and has plenty of depth to it that makes it a bit more mature than a cotton candy pink or bright purple.

One of the best parts of this shade is that it’s so customizable. You can take it more to the brown and natural side or lean into the playful nature of the color.

So if you’re looking for the next color to dye your hair, you may have just found it. Great for virgin hair and color pros alike, this one is a head-turner.