Match Your Dog With This Cloth Face Mask-Bandana Set

If you need another reason to wear your face mask (but, seriously why should you?) look no further than this adorable matching cloth face mask-bandana set. Goodboy has created reusable face mask and dog matching bandana sets and they’re super adorable.

Goodboy is known for their all-natural dog supplements that use high-quality ingredients to keep your furry child healthy. For these masks and bandana sets, they’ve partnered with sock subscription brand Sock Fancy to help control the spread of COVID-19.

The masks come with adjustable ear straps for increased comfort, 3D chin design, and a flexible nose clip to give a sealed fit. The banadas fit small and large dogs and they come pre-folded. All you have to do is tie them around your dog’s neck. And you don’t have to worry about the masks and bandanas getting dirty as they’re machine-washable. The set costs $33 and it’s currently available in two prints—colorful peaches and chevron-printed green.

We happen to think they’re perfect to wear on your next puppy play date at the park or walk around the neighborhood, as they’ll keep you safe during the pandemic and no one can mistake which dog belongs to you.