Marble Nails Are an Eternal Nail Art Trend

Our fashion and beauty looks say a lot about our personality, and nails are one part of the equation. Nail trends are not changing every season anymore, but every month or even every week sometimes, but some trends stay eternally modern. Marble nails are one of those trends that are never going away.

The marble print represents luxury and a modern lifestyle, so after putting it in our kitchens and bathrooms, it was only a matter of time before they appeared on our nails. Mixing black and white, or nude and white became the most popular combinations since these colors are classic and wearable on daily basis.

But besides that casual marble look, lately, you can see nail artists all over the world mixing colors, glitters, foils, and getting fantastic nail designs that are pure art.

Even the French reverse technique is turning out to be a total hit that everyone adores these days. Nail trends come and go, but marble manicures are obviously here to stay. They’re constantly making a comeback in new shapes and forms and being combined with exciting new trends.