Make Your Red Lipstick Last All Night With These Tips

Red lipstick is a classic for a reason, it’s timeless and it instantly elevates any outfit. If you want to go from day to night all you have to do is throw on some red lipstick. One of the reasons we don’t wear it as often as we’d like to is because we can’t seem to get it to stay on. It always ends up on our wine glasses or worse, all over our teeth. Well, you can finally wear red lipstick again with these simple tips.

It’s actually pretty simple, but there are a couple of steps to getting the perfect look. The first is priming the area which involves prepping your lips with a light balm and if your lips are dry getting rid of the dry bits with a toothbrush or lip scrub. Make sure your lips are clean and the balm is dry before moving on to the next step, applying a base coat of lipstick to the center of your lips. To distribute the color, use your finger. To make sure the color stays use a lip pencil that’s the same color as your lipstick.

When you’ve completed this step, add another layer of lipstick and blot it with a tissue. You can repeat this step a few times to make sure the color lasts. Finally, dust your lips with a translucent powder by using a small brush on the edges of your lips.