Make Brunch Even Better With These French Toast Tips

French toast
Photo by Joseph Gonzalez on Unsplash

French toast is one of the easiest, tastiest foods to make and many people have their own recipe they’ve tweaked over time. It’s a brunch staple and with these tips, you can make your French toast even tastier. Prepare to say goodbye to soggy slices and hello to perfectly crisp ones!

Start With Good Bread

While pullman bread, which is also referred to as sandwich loaf or pan bread, is a classic for French toast, for more richness, use challah or brioche. Remember that dryer bread will soak up the egg more, so old bread is best.

Cut the Right Size Slices

Ideally, your bread should be no thinner than half an inch. Thicker bread soaks up the egg and milk mixture better, so you’re better cutting your own bread than using pre-sliced loaves.

Get the Egg-to-Milk Ration Right

This mixture is what makes your French toast creamy, so you need to get it right. Use about a quarter cup of milk and one egg per two-slice-serving. Also, it will taste better if you use whole-fat dairy milk.

Season the French Toast Batter

In addition to milk and eggs, the batter should have a pinch of cinnamon and a bit of vanilla extract. You can also add a bit of sugar or a dash of liqueur.

Add Toppings and Syrup

Make sure you’re using real maple syrup if you’re adding maple syrup on top. Also get creative with toppings by adding ricotta, jam, nut butter, honey, chocolate chips, yogurt, Nutella, chocolate sauce, caramel, nuts, or fresh fruit.