Long Morning Commute? Try an In-Car Coffee Maker

As humanity progresses, so does our coffee-brewing technology. Many different brewing methods for different tastes and needs have been developed, including the needs of commuters who want to save money and time by brewing their own coffee during their daily drive. The in-car coffee maker is better known as a historical car artifact, but it has come a long way and may still be a worthwhile investment.

In-car coffee makers seem to have existed since at least the 1950s, coming as a dashboard accessory on the Volkswagon Bug. In America, this lines up with lengthening commutes due to the rise of suburbs after World War II. So, American workers would not have had to live without coffee no matter where they were.

Back then, these coffee makers used cars’ cigarette lighters to power the water boilers. But today, cars have a lot more power and even have outlets for lots of different electronics. So, their coffee-making ability is far superior to what it once was.

Newer in-car coffee machines are stylish and functional. They make a respectable cup of coffee and make a sleek addition to any car. They’ll also save you a lot of money if your other option is buying coffee at a drive-thru every day.