Life’s Too Short for Bad Coffee. Here Are 3 Ways to Improve It

Photo by Natanja Grün on Unsplash

Coffee is a ritual as much as it is a drink. More than a few people will admit that they’re not fully conscious before having that first cup in the morning. But sometimes you taste coffee that is so bad you’d rather have walked around like a zombie all day. If you come across such an unfortunate bunch of beans, here are some tips to save your tastebuds from the horror. 

Pass the Salt

Before you raise your eyebrows at this suggestion, give it a try. Sprinkling a bit of salt in your coffee grounds can cut through the bitterness and reduce the acidity. We’re not sure why it works, but we’re choosing to trust science on this one.

Make it a Mocha

There are very few things that chocolate can’t fix and a bad cup of coffee is not one of them. Let a few pieces dissolve in the hot liquid or stir in some hot chocolate powder to mask the taste. A splash of vanilla should help too. 

Citrus Might Save It

Have an orange lying around? Put it to good use by squeezing a bit into your cup of joe. Citric acid has the ability to balance out that nasty bitterness and make the coffee smoother.