Leslie Vigil Channels Beauty of Nature Through Masterful Embroidery Cakes

Some cake makers are capable of creating wonderful works of art that look so good you feel bad about eating them, and Leslie Vigil is one of them. She attracted almost 150.000 Instagram followers with amazing embroidery cakes and other nature-inspired desserts.


Vigil’s creativity knows no bounds, and some of her floral creations seem so realistic you’ll have to look twice. Crafting her signature embroidery cakes takes the most effort, because it requires a lot of attention to detail to make it look like they’ve been actually decorated with needle and thread.


Despite the fact this is her most popular product, botanical cupcakes are still our absolute favorite. They’re usually inspired by aloe vera, cactuses and echeveria, and our heart is always filled with joy when she shares a new photo of these adorable cupcakes on Instagram.


Lesli Vigil mastered the art of pastry making at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Paris, and nature has always been her main source of inspiration.

“Inspiration for the kind of cake art I create comes from my love and fascination of nature. I have found so much peace walking in a botanical garden or growing my own cacti and succulents in my own garden. I try to take that feeling and transfer it over to my cake art,” explained Vigil while discussing her creations with Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.

Check out more of her creations below. We are hungry just scrolling through her Insta page!