Leather Fashion Pieces That Will Make You Put Your Leather Jacket Aside

Sofie Valkiers Street Style, Paris Fashion Week. Photo by Cornel Cristian Petrus/Shutterstock (10434766dl)

When you hear the word leather the first thing usually comes to mind is a leather jacket. Since it’s one of the most worn and most beloved statement pieces, it’s difficult to dethrone it. Wearing leather is always a win-win situation, but you don’t always have to go for jackets and you can pick some other leather pieces instead.


Oh, fabulous leather pants are a dream come true. Wearing this piece will make you forget you even have a leather jacket. Fashion’s most rock ‘n’ roll clothing piece is never going out of style.



A smaller version of leather pants is equally fashionable. Pick a good blouse, a statement belt, and you’ll pull off an amazing outfit that goes perfectly with your leather shorts.


Leather skirts prove that this edgy fabric can look classy, as well. Pair it with a good top, purse, and shoes, and your outfit is going to look amazing.



Leather makes everything better, so just get wrapped up in it. The jumpsuits are easily worn, very modern, and you need only that one piece of clothing to look chic. Be wise while accessorizing, because leather shines just enough.