Learn to Make Your Own DIY Padded Headband

Padded headbands became a huge hit last year, and their popularity only increased in the last few months. They can be found at pretty much any retail store, but did you ever think of making your own?

You’re not the only one struggling to find a padded headband that fits you, because this model can be quite tricky to wear. They can look a bit too extravagant because they’re oversized and often come with many shiny details, so why not get creative and make one that suits you just right?


Australian blogger Janelle, who runs YouTube channel Rosery Apparel, shared an awesome tutorial you can use to make DIY padded headbands. The list of items she used to make it includes an old headband frame, craft glue, thread, piece of foam and some fabric.

Her tutorial perfectly illustrates how to glue the foam to the frame and coat it with the fabric of your choice. Once you master this trick, you can perform a lot of creative experiments on your own, and decorate your headband with all sorts of different embellishments.