Learn How to Transform Old Vases into Clay Pots

Screenshot via WhatsUpMoms/YouTube

Terracotta pots are never going out of style, but have you ever considered welcoming this trend into your home without actually buying any real terracotta pieces? That’s exactly the idea behind WhatsUpMoms’ DIY tutorial that utilizes old vases that you no longer need.

Brooke Mahan, who founded this hit YouTube channel alongside Elle Walker and Meg Resnikoff, took the lead in this tutorial. Its mean goal was to put old glass vases to some good use and transform them into terracotta-like pieces with just two ingredients.

In addition to a glass vase you want to recycle, you’ll also need some acrylic paint and baking powder. All you have to do is mix them together, paint your vase—both inside and out—and wait for the paint to dry so your vase could get a matte finish, reminiscent of terracotta pots.

Mahan repeated this method on several glass pieces, and they all turned out great. She opted for classic terracotta shade, but you can get creative and experiment with colors—or even paint on your old vases and transform them into tiny works of art.