Layout ideas for townhouse gardens

Image via Cherry Laithang/Stocksnap

Townhouse gardens are small enough to pose a challenge as to what design to follow. They range from long and narrow, too short and wide, but they’re all full of possibilities. Read on for some ideas for your small garden.

Go symmetrical

This Brooklyn townhouse garden is rectangular, so landscape designer Susan Welti of  Foras Studio created a stunning symmetrical garden for her clients. The best thing is that it’s low-maintenance.

Divide and conquer

This London garden has been divided into three different areas to create the illusion of space. Instead of being purely functional, the path is the focal point that invites you to walk through the garden.

Keep the trees

If your garden has a tree in it, don’t cut it down. It can be a fabulous central focal point, as designers Niya Bascom and Anishka Clarke of Brooklyn-based Ishka Designs discovered with this huge Japanese maple tree that casts dense shade over a Crown Heights property.

Keep it easy-maintenance

If you’ve got little time to devote to your garden, keep it simple and low-maintenance by planting drought-tolerant shrubs and mulching the beds with bark to prevent weed growth. All these Brooklyn garden needs is a quick sweep of the paving stones.