Lana Condor is Giving Us Some Major Hair Inspiration Right Now

Lana Condor’s red carpet choices are always on point, and her hairstyles play an important role in making them perfect. Her hair always looks impeccable and here are some of the most popular hair trends that she seems to love right now.

High Ponytail

The popularity of high ponytails hasn’t faded away in years, and they’re going stronger than ever right now. Condor loves them just as much as the rest of the Hollywood elite, and she recently rocked this hairstyle at MTV Movie & TV Awards.

Low Braid

Low braid is another celebrity-approved hairstyle that everyone seems to be trying right now, and Condor mixed it with another major hair trend—faux side bangs.

Think Pink

Everyone was trying pink dye last year, but To All the Boys star convinced us this hairstyle belongs in 2021.

Side Part

Condor usually wears her hair parted in the middle, but she likes to experiment every once in a while. The side part did wonders for her hair and gave it some major old Hollywood vibes.

Beach Curls

The season of beach curls is upon us! The young actress already perfected this hairstyle and it’s a true rarity to see her without it.