Know the Health of Your Trees

Photo by Roman Averin on Unsplash

Trees can be a lot of work. Despite your best efforts, a tree can become sick. Here are the signs of your tree’s health:

Yearly growth

Look at the scars on the branches that were left by the buds it produced. See where this year’s buds are. The difference between the two will indicate the amount of growth. Trees grow at different speeds, so check to see what the expectation is.

Dead or broken branches

If one or more of the branches of your tree is dead or broken for no apparent reason (such as a storm or lightning strike), it’s a sign the health of your tree may be in doubt. Prune dead or broken branches immediately.

The trunk

For most trees, the bark on the trunk should not be loose or peeling. Check if this is applicable to your tree. There shouldn’t be fungi on the trunk either.

Dry patches

In evergreen trees, patches are leafless or where the leaves are withered or discolored should concern you. Insects and disease are the most likely cause of this, although you should not rule out pesticide damage or improper pruning.

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White is not a healthy color for a tree in Texas.

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