Keep Your Kids Active With These Fun, Indoor Games

Image via Rawpixel/depositphotos

No one likes being stuck inside as the weather gets warmer, especially kids, but unfortunately, with social distancing, this has become a reality. Kids are used to running around outside at recess and during their free time. The good news is that there are tons of fun games you can play indoors with your kids, you just need to be a bit creative.

Hallway Bowling

Bring the bowling alley to your living room with this activity. All you need is six to ten containers filled with water. Then, set up a triangle at the end of the hallway or against a wall. Get a ball and start bowling!

Hallway Soccer

You don’t need a net for hallway soccer, just some masking tape and a plastic ball. At opposite ends of the hallway, put the tape down on the floor and divide your family into teams. Try and keep up with your kids, you’ll get quite the workout!

Broom Hockey

For broom hockey, you’ll also need masking tape to mark off the goal area and a broom for each player. You can use a tennis ball for the puck. What team will get to 10 points first?

Hula Hoop

What kid doesn’t like hula hoops? Just make sure there is plenty of open space for your child to move around. You can even have hula hooping contests to see who can spin the hoop around their ankles or arms.