Just Because It’s Winter Doesn’t Mean You Can Abandon Your Nails!

Winter time often means gloves, mittens, and keeping your hands in your pockets. However, that doesn’t mean that when the gloves come off you shouldn’t be proud to show off your nails! Having your nails done gives your look the finishing touch it needs and helps you imagine a warmer time when you will be showing them off all the time. Here are some fun and chic tips to get your fingers right this winter.


The natural nail look is coming back, but that doesn’t give you the right to not take care of your nails at all! Whether you’re painting them a natural color or just putting a clear coat on your bare nails, you still need to make sure they are cut properly and you clean them well, because, without nail polish, everything is seen.


This winter is calling for metallic nails, so if you are someone who doesn’t love color but wants to try something different than natural nails, try a metallic color! Especially if you are someone who wears a lot of black or monotoned outfits, this is the style for you.



There are many shades of black, but any of them will scream winter. Plus, you will always look chic and put together with black nails.