Jordan Clark is Sharing YouTube’s Most Whimsical DIY Tutorials

Working on DIY projects can be a pretty amazing and dreamy experience—especially if you’re following one of Jordan Clark’s tutorials. She’s the mastermind behind some of YouTube’s most whimsical arts and crafts, and her clips will make you feel like you stepped inside a DIY fairy tale.

Clark’s YouTube channel attracted almost 500,000 subscribers so far, and her DIY projects and makeovers have only gotten better over the years. She even started a blog and Etsy shop called Stellaire, but she remains most active on YouTube where she constantly shares aesthetically pleasing tutorials with the world.

Clark describes herself as someone who loves “pretty fonts, morning sunlight, and the sea”. The vision behind her hit channel is to inspire creativity and mindfulness, but she also enjoys photography and star-gazing in her free time.

Some of Clark’s most popular DIY clips are celestial, magical, and aesthetic. You’ll fall in love with them right away if you’re a fan of beautiful stationery since she enjoys making art, dream, and bullet journals, homemade stickers, and letters for her pen pals.

Check out some of Clark’s very best DIY tutorials and head to her channel for more if you want to dive into the dreamy world of her arts and crafts.