Jon Foreman is Arranging Stones and Pebbles into Amazing Works of Art

Collecting tiny rocks while taking a walk at the beach can be really calming, but have you ever tried making something with the stones and pebbles you found? Jon Foreman does, and he ends up creating mesmerizing arrangements that are left behind for other beachgoers to admire.

This land artist is based in Wales and he enjoys working with all sorts of different materials, but he found viral fame thanks to his stunning rock formations, arranged in swirling patterns on the beach. You don’t have to be an art expert to figure out his works require a lot of time and patience, but he finds the process of collecting and placing stone upon stone very therapeutic.

Foreman uses many natural materials in his art, but he usually works with stone, because it’s easier to manipulate and arrange it by color, angle, shape, and size.

“Typically, I either start with a rough idea of what I’d like to do or no idea whatsoever! Then I collect what I can carry and start by placing stone by stone, steadily losing myself in the process and disconnecting from the stress of everyday life,” Foreman told Bored Panda.