John Ed De Vera is Crafting Incredible Paper Cutouts Inspired By Pop Culture

Paper art can take many different shapes and forms and every artist has something new to bring to the table. That’s certainly the case with John Ed De Vera, whose paper cutout creations inspired by popular culture became a true sensation on Instagram.

De Vera describes himself as a “multidisciplinary designer, with a penchant for lettering, paper-cutting, and experimenting with different and new art mediums”. He explored several different art forms before pursuing paper art and finding his true calling with 3D paper cut illustrations, which attracted over 100,000 followers to his Instagram page battery_full.

Hi kicks off his creative process by drawing each of the elements on a bond paper, before transferring them on special color paper and cutting them by hand. He often uses several layers of paper because they allow him to create shadows and texture necessary for the 3D vibe.

Many of his illustrations are inspired by popular TV shows, movies, and recording artists, but that’s not always the case. De Vera also crafted many paper cutouts that celebrate the beauty of nature and everyday life.