Japanese Skincare Brand Tatcha is Stunning

Tatcha was born out of a love for holistic skincare and a store between a Geisha. Victoria Tsai dreamt of a simplistic way of life. She wanted to reflect her values into her skincare and eventually went on a long-term trip to learn more about holistic beauty. While she was traveling to Kyoto, she came across a modern-day geisha who turned her life around. She bestowed the secrets of classical beauty to her using tried and tested ingredients from Japan which came from an ancient text.

This is the basis of the Tatcha skincare line. You can only imagine how beautiful and carefully curated the products are.

They Have Masks

Their luminous dewy skin mask uses a fusion of botanical oils to plump up your skin, leaving it with a dewy glow. A lot of women attest to having hydrated skin with a dewy texture. They stay clear from synthetic chemicals and only use the best for their skincare line. It’s lightweight and perfect for after toner use.


Hydrating Creams

The creams of Tatcha are pumped with antioxidant-packed Japanese purple rice. It’s also infused with Okinawa algae and hyaluronic acid to replenish the skin and to keep the moisture maintained throughout the day. Brush upwards in gentle strokes and massage onto skin with care.