Isabel Han is Using Clay to Craft the Most Adorable Miniature Creations

You don’t have to think big to create something extraordinary, and Isabel Han’s art is one of the best examples. She’s using clay to craft the most adorable creations, and they’re so tiny you’ll almost need magnifying glass to see them.

Han crafts her miniature structures with polymer clay, but sometimes uses different materials for the tiniest details. They’re so small she has to use dotting tools and tweezers to properly assemble all the pieces together.

You don’t have to be an expert to guess it takes a lot of time to create one of these adorable miniature sculptures. The simpler ones take around an hour, but there’s usually a lot of layering involved, and that’s why Han often spends days working on a single creation.

Her Instagram page @supersmallstuff attracted 215k followers so far, and that number is growing by the day. Isabel Han mostly focuses on animals and plants, but she’s no stranger to crafting miniature versions of our favorite pop culture characters, including Pikachu and Baby Yoda.