Invest Time in New Hobbies Before Investing Money

Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash

At the beginning of the new year, it can be tempting to splash the cash on new aspirational hobbies that you think will make you a better version of yourself. However, buying is not the same as doing! Before you start browsing new workout gear, expensive cameras, or home-brewing kits, make sure you have time to invest in your new hobby.

Try it Out First

If you’re keen to take up a new hobby, find ways to try it out for free to see if it’s a good fit first. Find free community fitness classes, borrow equipment from a library or colleague, or do a skill-swap with a friend.

Use What You Have

Find things you already have lying around the house before splashing out on new equipment. If you want to take up yoga, wear an old t-shirt and leggings and do YouTube led yoga sessions before heading out to Lululemon and buying a studio membership.

If you want to take up drawing or painting, use your kids’ art materials before investing in expensive new paints.


Once you have proven to yourself that you have committed yourself to your new hobby, it’s time to treat yourself to the materials you need to really get stuck in. However, be sure to research first what you really need, how to get the best deals, and whether you can get it second-hand. Maybe you can find a yoga mat on Facebook Marketplace, or a set of skis at a yard sale.