Intricate Paper Sculptures Created Using a Wet-Folding Technique

Origami is an ancient Japanese art of folding paper, that most of us are already familiar with, but have you heard about origami technique called “wet-folding”?

This is the art of folding wet paper that’s pretty difficult to master because damp paper is extremely fragile a can easily be ripped apart. Only a handful of people have been able to master this skill and one of them is Vietnamese artist Hoang Tien Quyet.

This young artist is using wet-folding to create awesome paper models that look like sculptures.

 “I have been folding paper since I was a small kid. At the time I was amazed at how a flat sheet of paper could transform into beautiful 3D animals and objects, and it was also a joy of a kid who could make his own toys”, the artist stated on his website.

In the meantime, Quyet mastered the skill of wet-folding and he says that this really changed his approach to origami, and helped him discover his style.

“I like working with new and fresh ideas, and always try to breathe life and my personality into my models. I hope people can also feel that from my work.”

Check out his intricate paper models in the photos below.