Interior Design Trends for 2020

Photo by deborah cortelazzi on Unsplash

Trends come and go year after year and your taste may change along with them, so it can be convenient to follow the latest trends and see what’s new on the market. When it comes to interior design, here’s what you can expect in 2020.

Warm Colors

In 2020, we’ll want to make our homes cozy and comfortable. This means moving on from millennial pink, gray, and all-white interiors to warm caramels and greens, with other warm accents.


It’s official: we’re done with minimalism. After all, your home is a place where you live and if you want to display things you love nobody should stop you from doing that! Now is a great time to get all the books on the shelves and all your favorite decor pieces out of their boxes.


It’s 2020 and you won’t see anyone who cares about interior design using plastic anymore. Wood, textile, marble, glass, and similar materials are a much better choice in terms of style and sustainability.