Insta Shops for the Cutest Novelty Earrings

If you love custom jewelry, you’ll probably adore the recent novelty earring trend, in which people wear earrings that can only be described as “huh?” and “lol, okay.” Does that sound amazing to you? Us, too. Here are the best Instagram shops where you can get your hands on some novelty earrings.


This queen of novelty earrings really takes it there. You can get Croc shoe earrings, deodorant earrings, rollerblade earrings, breast earrings, office chair earrings, hair curler earrings, taco earrings… really nearly anything you can imagine.


This earring shop is all about the delicious novelty earrings. They’ve got candy, cookies, chocolates, cakes, milkshakes, and some salty stuff to change it up, too, like pretzels and fried chicken.


This Insta earring shop specializes in a very handmade, hand-drawn, colorful, 2D style earring, as well as lots of silly-looking 3D animal heads.


At this Insta shop, you can get handmade polymer clay earrings. She’s got some silly designs like orange cake rolls, ice cream cones, and Furbies, as well as others that are just sweet and cute.