In 2019, We’ll See More Interiors in Chocolate and Nut Shades

Lifestyle trends change every year and it’s up to you if you’re going to follow them or stick to your own thing. Over time, we found that the best compromise is to spice up life with your favorite trend or two and mix them up with your own style.

What will be hot in the interior world next year? The designers are shifting from mostly white surfaces to dark browns – shades of chocolate and nuts are the main inspiration. Minimalistic design is being replaced with statement furniture that provides some much-needed character and harmony to any home.

Details such as crystal chandeliers and shiny metallic accents will complete any room in a perfect way.

In 2019, kitchens will come in dark colors and with many details such as wooden spice racks, gold cabinet handles, etc.

It’s time to take out all those knick-knacks you packed up because 2019 won’t be the year of minimalistic design. Don’t be afraid to display your favorite decor items as much as they seem “redundant” in today’s culture.