Important Things to Keep in Mind Before Booking a Stay on Airbnb

Photo by Kelsey Dody on Unsplash

Airbnb is often described as one of the most affordable places to book your accommodation online, but that’s not always the case. There’s a couple of things you should pay extra attention to before booking a place on this website so you wouldn’t pay more than you expected.

Type of Place

Many people looking for accommodation on Airbnb are hoping they’ll find an entire apartment they can enjoy on their own, but this isn’t the only type of accommodation the site provides. Private and shared rooms are also on the market, so make sure to carefully read the description before booking the type of accommodation that doesn’t suit your needs.

Hidden Fees

Airbnb may seem cheaper at first glance because some of the fees aren’t included in the original price when you’re searching through the website. Service, cleaning and occupancy fees may also apply, so don’t forget to check if you’ll have to pay them too.

Perfect Spot?

Another tricky thing about Airbnb is that the address of the accommodation isn’t fully revealed. You can only see the approximate location on the map before booking the place and getting a full address from your host.