Huda Beauty to Launch Skin Care Collection

Huda Beauty officially confirmed that she’s adding skin care to her range of products. As one of the most influential people in the beauty world, Huda Katan has been very open about her struggles with skin.

And with her announcement on Instagram, she also gave a hint that these products changed her life. It only makes everyone want to get a sneak peek of what she has to offer as soon as possible.

“I’ve been getting a lot of comments on my skin, and I don’t have good skin so it’s so nice that you see all the hard work I’m putting into it. We’re working on skincare, and it’s been changing my skin… I cannot even tell you guys. I had a lot of breakouts from trying things but my skin is finally getting into a good place,” Huda told Allure.

Huda Beauty is still to announce an official date of the release. All we know that it will be a separate brand from her makeup line and completely focus on skincare. Katan launched her brand in 2013 which instantly became mega-popular. She’s also been labeled as the most influential person in the beauty industry, so we sure can expect some amazing products.