How to Throw the Best Friendsgiving Ever

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Friendsgiving is a term that was created a few years ago to explain the day when friends come together on Thanksgiving since they can’t be with their families. Friendsgiving is probably even more fun than Thanksgiving since you won’t be nagged by your family and forced to eat the foods you don’t like. But, in order to plan an awesome Friendsgiving, there are some steps you need to take.


No one can throw a Friendsgiving alone, and you shouldn’t have to! The whole point is to come together with friends, so if you’re being the host, tell your friends to pitch in. You can ask people to bring specific dishes or drinks, even come over and help with decorating.

The Table

Decorating the table for Friendsgiving should be fun, festive, and a celebration of your friendship. A cute idea is to print off pictures of everyone and stick them on the table or even where you want everyone to sit instead of place cards.


Everyone comes from a different place, so most likely they will have their own traditions. Invite everyone to share their traditions either with food, or games or just speaking about it at the table.