How to Support Small, Local Businesses Right Now

Local businesses are getting hit hard from the coronavirus. While people have been flocking to supermarkets to stock up on essentials, small businesses around the country are feeling the impacts of the virus and they’re struggling to serve their customers and provide for their staff. But, it’s up to us to support them and here’s how you can help your favorite businesses without actually leaving your house.

Buy a Gift Card

Although you may not be able to use the gift card now, you can still help out their business and you’ll have something to look forward to once the coronavirus is behind us.

Order Delivery or Takeout

Many restaurants have closed their door to diners, but they are still offering delivery options or curbside pick-up. You can order food or flowers to your friends and family to try and cheer them up during this difficult time.

Book an Appointment or Event

Call up salons, event halls, and bakeries and inquire about future treatment, parties, or baked goods.

Leave Positive Reviews

If you can’t spend the money now, you can always leave a positive review on Yelp, Facebook, or Trip Advisor, which will help the company’s business long term.

Send a Supportive Email or Note

Even just reaching out to small business owners and letting them know how much you appreciate their services means a lot. It’s not always about spending money, just letting them know that you understand what they’re going through is enough.