How to Style Outfits With Mesh

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Mesh is such a fun fabric to work with. It can be an accent to a normally plain outfit, or it can be the star of the show. It’s especially a great fabric to wear when it’s warm outside because of the nature of the holes. If you are skeptical to try this style, here are some tips on how to put together an outfit with a garment with mesh.


A fun way to wear mesh is by getting an oversized shirt and wearing it over your regular clothes. You can either wear it over a regular tank top or put it with a crop top or even just a sports bra.

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Long Sleeves

If you still want to cover some skin while wearing mesh, go for a top that is long sleeves. You can also pair it with a high waisted pant to make it less revealing while still being fashion forward.


Mesh skirts are so much fun to play with because you can dress as wildly or modestly as you like on the top, and have the mesh be the focal point of the outfit on the bottom. You can choose a skirt that is shorter with mesh or something playful like a regular mini skirt covered by a longer mesh skirt.