How to Sleep Better on an Airplane

Sleeping on an airplane can be a real challenge for some people, even the most experienced traveler out there. However, we’re sharing a few tricks that can help you get comfortable and have a nice nap on a plane.

Book a Window Seat

Falling asleep in a window seat is much easier, as you won’t be woken up by other passengers and you can easily rest your head on the window.

Eat Light Food

Eating heavy food before you board the plane can make your flight more uncomfortable because your body will have to digest it while you’re trying to fall asleep.

Bring Noise-Cancelling Headphones With You

If you notice that you’re having trouble sleeping because of all the noises and talking on the plane, next time you travel bring noise-canceling headphones with you.

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Working Out

Wearing yourself out before the flight is the best way to make sure you’ll fall asleep once you board the plane. You can do this by having an intense work out several hours before you board the train.

Don’t Drink Coffee

This goes without saying, but even if you’re the biggest coffee addict in the world, this beverage should be off-limits on the day you’d like to have a nap on the plane.