How To Own Khaki Pants Like A Boss

Khaki pants are usually thought of as working class pants; a style and color for functionality not for fashion. But, don’t underestimate the power of khakis! Khakis make a powerful fashion statement if worn correctly, and often they are not worn correctly. If you are thinking about ditching khakis because you don’t know how to work them, here are some khaki inspirations.

What makes this outfit so cool is that this khaki pant is an unusual shape. First off, it’s a capri pant, but it’s also slightly wide legged. By pairing it with a white sneaker and a white top, it really makes the pants be the star of this outfit.

This khaki outfit is chic and simple, but highly fashion-forward and sophisticated. Matching a high waisted and slightly loose-fitting pant with a tucked in top exudes style and class. Adding a khaki colored bag only makes the pants shine brighter.

There is nothing cooler than a khaki pant and an amazing studded boot. The trick here is all in proportions. Get a low waisted pant and roll it slightly at the ankles so the full boot can be seen. Pair it with any simple t-shirt for a casual look that is also professional and gorgeous.