How to Make Working Out with a Face Mask More Bearable

Image via TheVisualsYouNeed/depositphotos

If you’ve decided to go back to the gym after a long break, you’ve probably faced a new set of rules. Wearing a face mask during your workouts is one of them, and here’s how you can make this process easier to bear.

The Right Mask

The more lightweight your mask is, the easier it will be to breathe properly during your workout. Some brands are even offering masks for runners and athletes, but if you can’t afford them, any lightweight cloth mask that you can wash afterward will do.

Frequent Breaks

It’s extremely important to take it slow while working out with a mask. Slower types of training have many limitations that will slow you down, and frequent breaks will allow you to calm down your breathing.

Shorter Intervals

Speaking of taking it slow, shorter intervals also allow you to get some rest and calm down. You can avoid dizziness, lightheadedness, or shortness of breath by making your intervals shorter, and you’ll figure out how long they should be based on your physical reactions.