How to Make High Heels More Comfortable

Photo by Amanda Vick on Unsplash

The right high heels can make us feel more confident, beautiful, and stylish and that’s exactly why we love them so much. On the other hand, walking in heels for an extended length of time can be extremely uncomfortable and can cause major problems to our feet. These tricks will help you solve this problem.

The right shape

There are plenty of beautiful shoes you can buy out there, so don’t make the mistake of buying the heels of your dreams if you know they don’t match the shape of your foot. For example, those who have wide toes should consider staying away from pointed shoes, no matter how much you love them.

Wear them in

Before you head out to spend an entire day or night in your new dreamy heels, make sure to wear them in first. Put on a pair of socks and walk around your home in heels for a few hours until you’re sure they’re all stretched out.

Buy platforms

Platformed heels are usually more comfortable and stable than any other heel. In case you’re having second thoughts about whether to choose them or not, know that platforms are a good choice if you want to stay comfortable for many hours.