How to Keep Your Plants Watered While You’re on Vacation

Photo by Prudence Earl on Unsplash

Having plants is awesome for so many reasons but what happens when you go on a vacation and don’t have anyone to water them for days? If this is your first time leaving your plants alone, you probably have so many questions. Here are our best tips.

Watering Globe

Watering globes are affordable and convenient. You can fill them with water before you leave and they will slowly hydrate your plants through the other end that you insert into the soil.


Water your plants, and then place them in a bathtub filled with two inches of water. Instead of putting them directly in the bathtub, you can place a towel first and lay your plant pots on top of it. This is a good method for when you’re leaving the house for up to a week.

Ask a Neighbor

If you’re leaving for a longer period of time or you’re just not sure if your plants will be okay with one of these automated ways of watering, you can always ask someone you trust who lives nearby to come to your place every 2-3 days and water the plants. Just bring them a nice thank-you gift when you get back from your trip!