How to Get More Followers on Instagram

There are all kinds of reasons to grow your following on Instagram. Whether you are trying to grow your business, share your message, or become an influencer, these tips will help you grow your following.


People respond well to faces. Photos of smiles almost always respond better than photos without people.

Don’t Buy Followers

Is it really that bad to buy Instagram followers? Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts when it comes to growing your following. Buying followers leads to spam and harms your engagement. Basically, avoid it!

Post Consistently

Posting consistently means posting at similar times each day and posting similar content. When people follow you, they are following you based on what they expect you to post in the future.

Interact Authentically With Other Accounts

When you interact with other accounts, be authentic. Don’t just post random emojis and sporadically like photos. Make genuine comments and reach out to the people who are posting content you like.


Until you have established a following, you will need to use hashtags. These help you reach more people and help people find your content when they are looking for photos like yours.